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November 4, 2012


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Hey Guys,…

So Witch's Quarry has been featured on!  The staff has been very friendly and cool!
There is little monetary compensation, given based on reader traffic, so if you'd like to show your support the comic there, I'd be forever grateful.
Any proceeds I receive will go towards my extra page donation pool.

Who knows?  With enough readership, I might be able to make premium membership, quit my retail job and publish monthly chapters again.  One can always dream ^_~

Again thanks so much for following Witch's Quarry, where ever you may choose to read it!  Also if you could help me spread the word and perhaps reblogging this, I'd be very grateful.…

Mangamagazine will be updated on Mon, Fri and sometimes Wed.

SmackJeeves will be updated Tues, Thurs and sometimes Wed.

Oh yes and regardless of what happens with Witch's Quarry, Off*beat is still going to trudge along at it's own pace.  At the whims of legal papers.  I PROMISE I will post news the moment I am able to get official word and writings.  I can't wait to announce it.  Believe me.  I'll be typing it at 3:00am or whenever the absolute moment I can!
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I have my fingers crossed every time I jump on here for some news about Off*Beat. Oh well, trudging along is better than stopping! I've waited this long, I think I can manage waiting a little bit more xx
posting news about off*beat is like talking to my relatives D:

"So what have you been up to?" -them
"...the same when we talked 10 years ago..." -me

Like I wish I could talk with them and have something new and exciting to say but I keep putting off phone calling them until it happens...and I'm still waiting. sigh.

Thanks for your patience ;_;
I don't think not having anything new to say is 100% bad. I mean, at the very least it goes to show dedication. Well, at the very least I think it doesn't hurt to look at it that way.

(Also in the habbit of repeating the same things to questioning realatives for years >.>)

No prob! Patience is what I do best!
Adolas Nov 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Hooray for Off Beat I cant wait to get a copy of 3!!
And i wish you all the luck for getting it back and done :tighthug:
thank you! I keep hoping the next day, the next week, the next month I will get the good news >__< sigh!
Great news about Off*Beat. Can't wait till you release it!
I'm so anxious about it XD it means so much to me that there are still people who give a darn about the conclusion of these two characters but my own peace of mind has been haunted for a decade now!
Anbugurl Nov 18, 2012  Student General Artist
;v; this makes me incredibly happy! I can't wait >w< for the new off*beat <3 now to re read them
thank you for being so supportive and I'm really hoping to make a satisfying ending! <3
Stupid lawyers, they move at the speed of snails except when they want money. Pffffffft.

Continuing to send O*B good vibes your way!!
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