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I'm going to have more of an update soon, but I am finishing the last pages of WQ chapter 1 today and I wanted to have "intermissions" between chapters.  basically a little Q+A dialog with my characters.  Please give me some questions to use!!  Send me a note if you wish for the question to be anonymous or post on this journal directed at any one of the characters that showed up in chapter 1, (Veolynn, Deshad, heck you can even ask Laness or King Heward!) the more ridiculous the better :)

also I think DA format is a bit clunky to navigate comics so I have posted my online comics in a few other places.  If you have enjoyed reading them, please help pass them on to a friend! maybe even vote for me T_T?  I may end up moving my comics to the other sites instead of DA to keep the clutter in my galleries under control.

Thanks so much!!! <3<3<3  I have just been on fire since I came back from the convention.  I have been drawing my ass off.  Seriously.  Like rolling out of bed and to my desk, back to my bed.  I need a butt pad or something.  Meeting with editor for Off*beat this weekend so the momentum is GOOD!  Oh and my suitcases migrated from the hallway to the basement but they are still not unpacked -_-;;;

Witch's Quarry





I just realized that I haven't posted the pages yet with King Heward.  Ooops.  anyways he's still free game. He shows up in the last scene and doesn't say a word. >_<;


I have done the intermission for chapter 1 but any other relevant questions will be carried on to chapter 2 intermission.
Feel free to keep asking them if you like.  Thanks so much for contributing!  <3
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Hi all,

Lots of unedited rambling!!!

So I have been procrastinating on writing up my experience of MangaNext.  The task seemed a bit daunting because I have so much to say about a great experience!  I have been shut up in my own little world and pretty isolated from fandom and industry for awhile now.  I think I used to use the whole publishing debacle with Tokyopop as an excuse to give up on making comics.  Why else would I go from being a creator to working retail?  Well i think there was a whole other subconscious level that I simply wasn't ready to put myself out there.

I have been getting back to my roots when I first was drawing comics.  I had no scanner or internet to speak of, and only one other friend that drew.  Yet I was still drawing hundreds of pages of comics in my spare time.  Like, you know, for the FUN of it.  When did the comics go from being pure joy to angst?  I think they were more fun in some way when no one was reading them.  I was drawing them for myself without any fear of story telling rules, anatomy, perspective...flat out REJECTION.  Now I know I should be a pro at taking criticism by now.  I mean they try to whack you with the "YOU SUCK" stick the moment you apply for art school.  As if I wasn't already bludgeoning myself with it before.  The thing is, when I enjoy creating comics, it's when I'm really expressing something that is close to my heart.  Not analyze-this-character-because-he/she-is-a-direct-reflection-of-my-entire-moral-compass kind of self expression.  No,it's not that deep or preachy.  more like, here's something from my perspective and experiences with life and people.  Here's something I would have liked to read.

So yes rejection hurts.  Creating the comic became the same as dealing with people IRL.  worrisome about presentation.  How are people going to see me through this?  What assumptions are they going to make about me as a creator?  Will I end up being misunderstood and afraid of putting myself out there, in the same tiresome way I am in person.  Labels, genres, manga vs. comics...I've spent my whole life being asked if I'm Japanese, Chinese, Korean.  I'm American, whatever the hell that means.  Well I'm okay with that now.  I'm going to embrace having my feeling occasionally hurt and it's a damn good thing that I'm still afraid to show my family my comics.  The day I stop feeling this way, I've joined the ranks of watered down homogenous story tripe that I've grown bored of reading.
I figured out a lot about myself as a creator when I was getting myself prepared to "return" to the internet.    MangaNext pretty much affirmed all of my feelings the entire weekend so I left New Jersey on a euphoric high.  I'd like to thank all the staff at MangaNext.  They truly made me feel at home and just flat out spoiled me!  Some of the nicest, most sincere, and hospitable people I've ever had the honor of getting to know a bit.  They are a great mix of personalities and you can really tell they do what they for the love of it all.

Friday the high light of the convention was definitely my Q&A panel.  I was nervous.  I've never considered myself decent at public speaking but now I am going to speak about myself as an artist?  I figured I'd bore everyone out of the room within the first 15 minutes with lame apologies.  I mean assuming there was anyone who might accidentally wandered in.  Outside the internet, no one has actually read my comic anyway, right?!  But yeah insecurities aside, there was actually people who all read off*beat at my Q&A! and I actually had so much fun talking to everyone, that I totally spaced out on coloring my picture and had to finish it that evening. LOL!

Saturday's story bible panel was a bit more intimidating.  I don't think I couldn't have counted all the people there on my fingers, so it was the largest audience I've ever had.  I gave everyone a copy of my bibles and an outlined guide and figured they could read pretty well.  Then I proceeded to rant on about how they need to make GOOD stories, good characters...stories that mean something to them.  Screw what other people want.  You know stuff that is probably the exact opposite of something someone who is actually certified to give instruction would say.   

Sunday was pretty relaxed.  I was ready to go home and start drawing and writing up a storm.  I loved talking with the other creators at the convention.  I've been trying to take the time to stay in touch with people a bit more and keep all that positive energy flowing.  Sunday there was a staff after party.  One thing I notice from being someone who basically didn't drink at all for the first 30 years of my life to someone who can get a little tipsy at parties, is that everyone is super eager to get you drinking.  They don't even know your name and they are ready to fix you something strong.  Why?  well maybe for all kinds of potentially shifty reasons, but I think most people just want to see you relax.  They want to see you mingle with others, without giving a shit what others think of you.  So I take that little lesson to my comics.  I'm going to strive to be uninhibited.  Not obnoxiously screaming for attention like that guy who has had 5 drinks too many.  Just tipsy enough to be honestly unapologetic.  Not for integrity reasons, or for any moral lessons.  Just because it makes the party more interesting :)

This turned out to be more a comics blab then anything but that's what made MangaNext so incredible for me.  When I think about it, I want to draw my ass off!  Which I'm going to do right now.  Even though my suitcases are still sitting in the hallway.  DAMN.
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Hello all,

It's been awhile since I've posted a journal entry but I have been looking forward to sharing some thoughts.  


Starting this weekend and through next week I will be getting ready for and attending MangaNext.  I am going to be conversing with my publishing prospect this weekend, and I should be able to talk a bit more about future plans for Off*beat 3 in my panel.  I will also have a few new Off*beat 3 promotional arts and things for sale.  I'll be hosting two panels, one about Off*beat, my projects, process, career, and life in general.  I'm a pretty open person, even though I'm a bit quiet, so I hope people ask me questions and I'm not just going off on some tangent about my love affair with chocolate chip pancakes.  To further bribe people into coming, I'll be giving away an original marker piece that I will be coloring during my panel, as well as a few other goodies.  My other panel will be about creating story bibles for comic ideas.  I'll be using my Off*beat bible that I submitted to TP as well as Witch's Quarry.  Both contain SPOILERS but have also gone through some changes since, so I will neither confirm or deny what stays in the final version.  I'll be giving away some small free stuffs there as well!

I will be updating Deviantart when I come back, and I'll be posting a follow up on how the con was as well as sharing the new promo stuff that people who couldn't attend Manganext missed out on.  I won't be back until Monday night, so depending on my work schedule, this update might not happen until later in that last week of February.  I don't travel much and I might be overwhelmed with stepping outside and socializing for an entire weekend.  I will get super stressed; it's my inner sheep!

I hope you have enjoyed the first 10 pages of Witch's Quarry… .  I plan on picking it up again when I return.  Again, due to the convention, updates on this will stop for probably the next week and a half to two weeks.  I don't have my work schedule for that last week in February so  a lot will depend on that.  I will try to keep this journal informed on when I am going on and coming back from internet hiatus.  I apologize for the internet absence but on top of my job, preparing for the convention will take the rest of my spare time that I would normal plug into this site.  

I have been listening to a lot of inspirational music while plugging away at my pages.  It might be a given to some people, but I actually rarely listen to music outside the radio at work and in the car.  It has really only been during this most recent project that I've been finding it critical to stay disciplined to drawing.  I don't know where my taste in music actually stands, but I'm always open to new suggestions.

Blackmore's Night (folkrock with a renascence faire sound)…
Leaves Eyes (gothic symphonic metal about vikings)…
The Birthday Massacre (synth, industrial electronica)…
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hello everyone,

hope you all had a good holiday season and happy new year~
since my birthday is over as well, i can safely retreat back to my inner sanctum of seclusion~ even work has been letting me completely avoid people for the next week~

all i can say is that i am relieved.  i truly am an introvert.  not one of those stereotypically awkward types, (though i can be awkward during the right moments) no no my mind goes spinning a mile a minute when i'm thrusted into socializing and i manage to put a good performance of being out going, friendly, confident ect... it's a relief to hole up again and start back into spinning my stories instead.

i notice that illustrations tend to get more views/comments then comic pages on deviantart in general.
i guess the pages don't look as flashy overall?  i want to try and share my story telling more in the future so i think i'm going to be doing less illustrations unless i'm particularly inspired.    

speaking of which, now that all three renascence stories are up (the normal one, threads, hungry) what do you think? which did you enjoy the best and why?  or perhaps you didn't particularly enjoy any of them, maybe you can share that opinion as well.
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Another week flies by.  Next week will be hell before christmas.  my work hours are going to make it difficult to get much done. T_T
So glad I finished Renascence 3 before hand.  Speaking of Renascence, I will be posting renascence 1+2 for those who haven't read it yet.  To those who already read it, I apologize for the lack of new work and thank you for supporting my short lived attempt at self publishing.
I will still work on other new stuff to update so it won't be totally boring.  ^_^ ;;watchers be prepared for a bombardment of comic pages in the next week.

I've mentioned before, that I really don't think of myself as particularly strong at writing or drawing.  Mashing the two elements together kind of provides me with a crutch.  I don't think my illustrations are particularly striking, and I pity anyone who has tried to cipher through the jumbled fragments of words I slap around trying to write.  I think I married to comics for life >__<;  I feel the most comfortable telling my stories in this format but it takes so daaaamn long.  Well I guess that's the nature of story telling.

I have goofy little 3 page short for Dante and Skye I want to finish.  So much for making Dante do something cool, but he takes humiliation pretty well.  I think out of the Renascence comics, I did enjoy "Hungry" the most.  Probably because "Threads" is missing Simion and he was one of my favorite Soul Union characters.  The gentle, protective family guy, that turns around and obliterates anyone else without a second thought. ^__^

For anyone else who might have missed it, I am collaborating with :iconoffbeat-fan-group: to make a short holiday offbeat comic.  Saturday is the last day for script entries so lend me your ideas!! I'll have one drawn by Christmas~
Thanks to the supporters of Off*beat~!!
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Hello Guys~

Another week flies by and I have been working on finishing "hungry".  It's been harder than I expected, as my pencils are rough and deeply ingrained in the paper after 2 years of being untouched.  I'm not too crazy about my layouts for these pages either but I don't want to start over from scratch for fear of an inconsistent look.  All the hair and feathers >_>; Anyway, I'd like to finish it all the same and I apologize for the "ehh.." ness of it.  At least it will be concluded!  I promise I will not settle for "ehh.."ness in Off*beat xD;;;  Speaking of which, this is another reason I want to just kind of finish it. check it out and let me know what you think :)…
It's just a warm up for better things ^_~  

I've been frustrated at having to go to work while having so much art and story to work on.  And I get frustrated when I get home, that I'm tired and hungry.  Sleeping and eating are such a fricking bother.  Oh yeah and it's also frustrating that people in my life still want to see and talk to me D:  What can I do to have twice as much time in my day dammit.  So yes I'm still as pumped as ever...I think about projects whenever I can...but I am also frustrated.  DAAAAAMMMIT!

Back to finishing these pages before I have to stop again to make dinner.  BLECH~

For those who might have missed my journal entry about Off*beat, here's the link again--->

ooh and I have collaborated with :iconoffbeat-fan-group: to run a little holiday contest for members~
i will be posting the results here as well!  thanks for all the love~
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It's almost the weekend and I will be out of town for a wedding.  Too bad that all I want to do is stay home and draw/write now!!  I am looking forward to seeing some friends though, and I have never been to Colorado!

It's interesting that :iconsoubisblood1: asked me if I went to conventions not long ago and shortly afterwards, MangaNext sent me a lovely invitation to guest at their convention in February!! The convention is held in Rutherford, NJ.  It sounds like a nice small friendly convention.  I'll be hosting two panels.  One panel will be me, blabbering about myself and my creative works while drawing and giving away some art.  The other panel will be about creating a story bible  aka comic pitch.  I will also have a table in the artist's alley.

My regular job should be slowing down for a few weeks between now and then so I am hoping to make somethings especially for the convention goers.   I will have very nice poster size glossy prints of my zodiac illustrations as well as Renascence comics.  Any suggestions to what else I should bring?

In other miscellaneous life news:

my health is relatively good now.  I'm over being sick thanksgiving weekend.  I've been sticking to my drawing/writing regiment daily for the most part but I did slack for a couple days T_T;;.

I had recently rediscovered "Shadowgate" soundtrack from NES days.  I love this game even though it totally petrified me as a child.  I seriously remembered it as a horror game for a long time XD sheltered much?  But now I realized it was a fantasy game which explains why I was so drawn to it, even though my mom banned it because the cover looked satanic to her.  I think the music is what makes the game ridiculously immersive for otherwise being bare bones minimum of a "game".  I want more remixes of the music.   I could listen to this one piano clip all day T_T.… don't touch the damn bookurgonnadieAGAIN...
some other songs i keep looping on my playlist with include "The haunting" Kamelot…
"animal" neon trees… and "return to innocence"… .

I haven't had much else giving me inspiration lately.
Firstly I hope that I didn't scare anyone with all the drawings of my other story I was posted in last week.  Off*beat is NOT being put on the back burner.  The other project is second to finishing Off*beat.  I will still be posting pics of Tory and friends so no worries!

Okay so here's the good news and the bad news I promised regarding the future of Off*beat as far as I know it.

Good News

It will be finished and the last book will be more easily accessible then previous installments.
This is slated to happen in 2012 regardless if my publishing plan follows through.
I will of course keep people updated regularly on deviantart as soon as i am certain of anything.
I will be planning on doodling plenty of Off*beat things in the meantime and posting them here while we wait.

Bad News

There will still be more waiting >_< but right now it's looking like it there will be installments available sometime in the later half of 2012.

Current Status

To clear up some misunderstandings I read online, Off*beat book 3 is not completely finished.  I had the script, 100 pages of storyboards and about two chapters completely done, three chapters penciled and inked and 4 chapters roughed.  So I apologize if I misled anyone to believe otherwise.

In 2009 when my father passed away, a number of bad things happened in my life and one of them was that I got a terrible virus on my computer.  I was downloading lots of games to escape reality and boy did I learn my lesson.  Anyway, everything on my computer ended up being lost, including Off*beat.  I still have original pages though.  Since I have to rescan and re-tone everything anyway as well as re-write and re-board the last half of the book, I plan to heavily edit the art and writing.  All for the better I like to think!

I'm probably forgetting to mention something but uuuh..I think that's all for right now.
I'm alive!

Firstly I'd like to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for the last many years T_T

I'm starting with a clean slate so I apologize in advance if I never replied to a question or email you might have sent.  

I usually don't like to delve into my personal life but I feel I owe some explanations to my disappearance.

My father was always a huge supporter of my artwork and I miss him dearly.  I just can't mourn anymore.
I've done a lot of soul searching and I think art was always a double edged sword for me.  It provided a lot of things for me but in some ways it always was a blanket that kept me from examining myself as a whole person.  I still have a lot of empty holes to fill but I became somewhat more at peace with myself.  In doing so I lost most of my artistic ambitions.  It's a strange relationship I have with my artwork.  It actually is linked pretty deeply with my insecurities and self loathing, so when I began to become more accepting of myself I had a hard time motivating myself to pick up a pencil.

I started drawing and writing again off and on here and there and again, it brought up old feelings of inadequacy and failure.
Its been a strange battle.  I think it's still apart of me though, and I get too restless without it.  I'm still an escapist to the core and I so damn picky about what stories I want to get in to.  I still have my own stories that I spent so many years escaping with that I want to see in to fruition.  So contentment be damned.  I'm picking up this pencil and with it all the ups and downs.

It's a bit too soon to say with certainty but Off*beat is not forgotten.

Thanks again for those of you who read this and actually give a rats ass ^o^;;;
i'm noticing that some people are having trouble getting terrabrand to run on their computers and that several of those people have vista.  i don't have vista so i don't know for certain.  i'm not a very technically savvy person so i have no idea how to go about fixing the problem. sorry!!

i did however, upload mp4 files of the game for people who haven't been able to run the demo, to at least get to see what the game looks and get a feel for the characters who may be interested.  again, since i'm kind of sucky at doing technical stuff, i hope no one has problems viewing it in mp4 compression.  i test viewed the files in real player.  If you you get an error message from trying to download, try refreshing it a few times.

for choices, i basically had prologue and chapter 1 follow a lin progressive storyline and chapter 2 follows a jenheir progressive storyline.

I got a good amount of feedback interested in voice acting and editing help and such.  Thanks very much!!
Here's a list of helpful positions I could really use.

I need all the people involved to be able to either play or view the video captures of the game.  I'm trying to break down the tasks in to small jobs so that I'm not asking anyone to do too much.

Renpy tech person- someone who knows renpy and can check my scripting for bugs/fixes and can troubleshoot. also can possibly update it for me ...since i think i'm using an older version >_<

Renpy interface editor- someone who knows renpy who can customize the interface for the game.

flat colorist- someone who has photoshop who can eyedrop color characters using the character sheets.  does not have to be able to shade.

sound/music file finder- someone who can find freeware sound effect files and music files for scripts/scenes provided. also can convert .wav and .mp3 files to .ogg formats.

proof reader- someone who can read the script and check for spelling and grammar errors.

play tester- someone who can play the the most updated version of the beta.

voice actors- someone who has familiarity with the character(s) and can protray a convincing voice and can provide me with clean voice recordings in .ogg file format.

prologue (lin)
chapter 1 (lin)
Chapter 2(jenheir)

also there is a youtube up of the prologue…

terrabrand demo 1.0
terrabrand demo 1.0

Renascence 3 "hungry"…
Offbeat comic…

Renascence for…
Off*Beat shenanigans-…
so i was getting nostalgic about uploading artwork from terrabrand that i started making back in 2006.  truth be told i deserted the project for several reasons.

1. had another freelance job
2. got caught up in moving
3. got distracted by playing real videogames
4. received little interest or feedback

Firstly let me defend myself in ditching Terrabrand to the handful of people who cared.  I have hundreds of art files drawn and colored for the game.  I spent hours and hours looking for free shareware sound files/music.  Scripting was self taught in 3 different programs before i settled on one and each chapter has to be written 20 times to give the reader/player interesting choices and interaction.  I did this all by myself and besides a few testers looking for grammar mistakes, I got very little feedback.  I sunk months of long hours in to making it and it kind of just...sat there.  But unlike another painfully unfinished story, I actually still have within my powers to finish it.  SO i'm wondering if it's worth finishing.  Thoughts? Feedback?  If you haven't tried playing it and want to give it a go, I've re-uploaded the demo of it.

I've given up hope that anyone will be able to help me with the labor on it, but i would looove to have voices for the game sooo, if you think you can do the voices or find people who could, that might be enough spark to get me back in to finishing it.  
**wink wink**

Oh yesh and for the record it most definately is boy's love, shonen ai.  and if i continue it, the BL stuff only gets more and more, (unless you manage to make Skieyl seem like a complete ass and everyone hates him :D but even then you'll break a few hearts~ whee!)

Terrabrand demo 1.0 PC version

Terrabrand demo 1.0 Mac version

also Renascence 3 is still being updated~…

As well as my goofy comic strips in my scraps section…

Renascence for sale…

Neko-Jin Cuteness

Commissions Information…

off*beat shenanigans…
because i've been so damn slow in getting this comic to print, i decided i would also put it online.  i'll be gradually adding it to a new comics folder.  a huuuge thank you so much to everyone who supported renascence!…

also off*beat readers, check out my scraps section periodically for silly random off*beat comic strips~…

Renascence for sale…

neko-jin cuteness

commission info…

off*beat shenanigans…
so life has been kicking my butt again and i've been pretty overwhelmed with things going on.  thank goodness the holidays are finally over.

i'll be trying to slowly work at catching up on my emails, notes and comments!  sorry for the hiatus and tardiness!!

hope everyone had a good holiday season and happy new year~~!

Renascence for sale…

neko-jin cuteness

commission info…

off*beat shenanigans…
finally finished all my chinese zodiac drawings!
just in time for the holiday season!

i'll be out of town for the next week visiting family and won't be having regular access to deviantart or my email until i come back in december!

renascence books are still for sale and i'll be taking commissions when i get back!  if there's something you want done before the christmas, the earlier the better!

have a happy thanksgiving everyone~

Renascence 1+2…


commission information…

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LJ Community:…
yay!!  i come back from my travels and poof! the comics are up for sale finally! yay~  aah it's good to be soon as i can shake some of this jet lag i will blabbering more!  Also the awesome ladies from neko-jin designs are selling some cute things at their website so i must put a little plug for them as well~!

Renascence 1+2 are both up!  i'd link to them directly but i can't figure out how to make deviantart STOP turning the urls into messed up jarble with defaulted emotions.

Renascence 1+2…

Neko-Jin Designs - Get your cute on!

commission info!…

many people are getting married this year and next.  it's crazy!
i'll be away for the next week visiting a childhood friend getting married in my home town of merrimack, new hampshire.  not much for internet there at my parent's house so i'll be out of touch again.  hopefully by the time i get back i will finally have some news about renascence and i will be taking commissions again!

see details here…

**related Off*beat links**

LJ Community:…
i'll be away at tsubasacon this thursday to sunday so i won't be checking deviantart or my email.

i'll still be taking commissions when i get back though!
see details here…

and i'm still waiting on my printer for renascence.  both issue 1 and 2 will probably be up for sale around the same time at this rate.
don't worry, i WILL make a big journal entry when they have it available to purchase.

i'm teaching a cel painting and basics of photoshop class while i'm at the con. it's been awhile since i've run a workshop so wish me luck! <3


Tue Sep 9, 2008, 7:28 AM
I have been struggling with sleeping issues for close to two years now.  I probably average around 5 hours of sleep a night.  I feel very blessed if I can get 6 hours...let alone the recommended 8 hours!  Last night was a meager 3 hours.  I hate nights like that..laying in bed..tired like crazy...knowing that I'm going to be struggling all the next day to get work done...the having to use self loathing talk of being lazy to whip my tired brain in to producing work...

Anyway I'm not going to dwell too much on my sleep issues.  It's something I've lived with long enough now, that it's not really even worth complaining about.  I'm depressed today because I didn't end up getting a continued contract on the commission I was working on, even though they were happy with it.  Management picked a different style artist in the end.  I've been waiting for the results for an extended week.  It makes the rejection tougher to handle.

On the semi-bright side...this opens me up for commissions and concentrating more on my Renascence project. (which unfortunately doesn't contribute as nicely my bill related stresses >___<;;; ) BUT it does make me feel warm and fuzzy about life and art.

So here comes the shameless self promotion!!!

just a few notes about it though, because I insist on being painstakingly honest and upfront!  I am very specific about how I will take commissions because I want both parties to be happy and know full well what to expect!

1. Yes, I charge almost as much for additional characters as I do for a whole single character.  why?  because it takes just as long to draw and paint two characters on one piece as it does two characters on two separate pieces.  nothing more nightmarish than doing 5+ figures in one illustration and spending 5x more time on it because someone wanted to see all their characters but be cheap about it >_<;
2. I charge a little more than minimum wage.  If these prices are too high for you, I'm truly sorry.  I wish the government would pay me so I could just give everyone free art all the time.  But since that's not the case, I'm delusional enough to think I am worth getting paid as much as someone who is providing any other service/trade.  Please do not ask me to lower my prices for you.  It makes sad puppies and kitties cry everywhere.
3. I am not taking commissions to do comic pages at the moment.  I am working like a dog on the pages I'm doing now that I really don't think I can any more comics.
4. Time management is so important to me right now, that I am including a whole section about it on my commission information!  Do not engage me in a commission if you are going to be out of town, waiting for a paycheck to clear or otherwise have some reason why you can't keep the progress nice, smooth and efficient.  During the commission process, all steps should be resolved within 1-2 days unless otherwise circumstances are discussed.  I will start updating my journal as to what dates I will be out of town or unable to check/respond to deviantart daily.
5. I don't have pencil sketches listed.  You get a pencil version of the image before the final image.  Otherwise just a pencil is more trouble than it's really worth.  If you catch me at a convention, I’ll be happy to doodle for you for free.  DO NOT take advantage of my good nature and commission me halfway to get a free pencil sketch.   
6. To avoid extra revisions and maintain satisfaction, I suggest taking the time to be as thorough as possible with your descriptions.  Send plenty of links/references if there is something specific you have in mind.
7.Prices and process will be reminded and discussed again in emails, but are the standard to expect.

Black+White Inked- 20.00
Digital Color- 30.00
Rendered Background (B+W)- 15.00
Additional Characters (B+W)- 15.00
Rendered Background (color)- 25.00
Additional Characters (color)- 25.00
Additional Revisions- 10.00
8.5x11 Printed Version- 10.00 shipping+handling

Prices are for 1 character with simple or no background design. All commissions include 1 revision from pencil to final image. Large complex props and monsters/animals are considered a major focal point and are treated with same time/attention as a character, thus are priced as such. Prices listed are for a 300 dpi Images for Personal Use ONLY. Other formats/use of artwork is negotiable. I prefer Pay pal ( ), but also accept checks, money orders and well concealed cash.

1. send me a note and email with a very brief description of what you want commissioned based on my fees listed. (ex. 1 standard color image+1 additional character= $55) or if you have a request that is unique, add a longer description for what you want negotiated.
2. within 1 day i will send you a note back giving a price and the date of when I can start your project.
3. within 1 day, you send me a detailed description of what you want your image to be.
4. within 1-2 days, I will send you a pencil draft.
5. within 1 day, you will give me either approval for the final image or a detailed list of revisions. You can choose whether or not you want to see the second version for approval or not. This will add 1-2 days to the process.
6. (optional) within 1-2 days I will give you a second draft. within 1 day you will give me a second approval or agree to an additional revision fee.
8. when draft is approved, you will send a full payment within 1-2 days for the final image and notify me as to what form you are sending it. Also include what format you will to be sent the image. If requested a printed version, send a mailing address. Payment provided by snail mail and checks will have to be received and cleared before the final image is sent and will be allowed an extra week. I realize that this process requires a bit of trust from both sides. I will trust that you will not screw me over by dropping the contact after receiving the pencils. You will trust me that I will deliver the final ink/color after you pay me. I try to avoid the wait and hassle for both parties of multiple payments this way.
9. within 1-2 days of receiving payment you will receive both a high and low resolution image, either attached to your email, or provided with a link. I reserve the right to use the low resolution file in my portfolio. If you wanted a printed image, I will be sending it priority mail. Allow 3-5 days for delivery in the U.S.A.
10.within 1 day notify me that you have received your image or else I will make the assumption that you have received it. If provided a link, the link will be taken down after 1 week from when it was posted unless otherwise discussed.

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LJ Community:…

october is...almost done

Tue Aug 19, 2008, 10:53 PM
i got a little too excited because i have been absolutely cranking non-stop on this comic.  samples are up for october's "soul union" remake.  i have about two to three days left of finishing grey tones, lettering and editing.

celebrating early though because i've been obsessed with this for weeks!

edit- i should add a bit more information about these series of short stories i'm working on.  firstly i'm naming the series "Renascence".  they all share the common theme of rebirth or re-invention of self.  they also all happen to be redrawn/retold story concepts from my past comic brainstorms. as far as genre, i would not call them "shonen ai" persay...since there is no kissing/snuggling ect...  i would rather call them "highly slashable".  what does that mean? err...
all male main protagonists in stories with supporting male characters that find themselves in some situation that is vaguely un-heterosexual?  i didn't do that intentionally...i guess it's just a common theme in my work. :X

so i ask myself...why do i write/draw this type of stuff?  

1. i like writing male characters
2. i like drawing male characters
3. i like ambiguity, angst, tension
4. i dislike most cliche romance stories

it takes me an incredible amount of time to build enough character interaction that i feel "right" drawing lovey dovey scenes.  these stories are more introduction stories.  first meetings. straight up romantic love of any kind, hetero/homo is never the full purpose or entire focus of any of my stories.  even off*beat i would consider more about growing up than about falling in love.

some of the stories *are* intended to set up a shonen ai story should they be extended.  such is the case of september's comic, as the original comic was a short BL.  october's comic on the otherhand, is based on Soul Union which was never a BL comic, but did have a side/unfulfilled element of BL.

even though i took a poll earlier, i am drawing and writing stories i feel i want to tell in a way that i hope is quality and enjoyable regardless.  i hope this doesn't disappoint anyone.

i will try to be as honest and upfront about what to expect without spoiling the actual stories themselves.

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september's done

Wed Aug 6, 2008, 8:34 PM
in trying to keep myself more accountable and in touch i'll be updating my progress more frequently.  

i'm finished with september's comic and sent it out.

i put some sample pages up, including text.
i tried not to put up pages that included spoiler material's a very limited number of pages.

it's a re-write of a comic i did back in 2000-2001
the beginning starts off similar, but it's pretty much completely reworked in to a new comic entirely, imo.

hopefully will be able to give an exact release date soon when i hear back.

i'm going to keep riding with this momentum!
feed back is greatly appreciated!

thanks again to all the great comments, support and advice.
i consider all of it greatly.

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